brew cask install minikube
brew install docker-machine-driver-hyperkit
brew install kubernetes-cli

Start Minikube cluster

minikube start --vm-driver=hyperkit
kubectl config use-context minikube

The --vm-driver=hyperkit flag specifies that you are using Docker for Mac.

View Kubernetes configuration

kubectl config view

Enter/exit the Minikube Docker daemon

eval $(minikube docker-env)    # switch to Minikube Docker daemon
eval $(minikube docker-env -u) # undo the change

Open the Kubernetes dashboard

minikube dashboard

Create a Deployment that manages a Pod

kubectl run hello-node --image=hello-node:v1 --port=8080 --image-pull-policy=Never

Expose the Pod to public as a Kubernetes Service

kubectl expose deployment hello-node --type=LoadBalancer

View the Deployment/Pod/Service/events

kubectl get deployments
kubectl get pods
kubectl get services
kubectl get events


Hello Minikube